Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fall Cup moving to a Saturday?

Fall Cup moving to Saturday?

With the recent addition of College Park to our Fall Cup- it has been brought up that a Saturday race might suit our fans better. Traditionally the race has always been held on a Sunday, but I can tell you as a fan myself- that blows. So the Board is set to meet and vote on it May 5th. I’m encouraging all my Racers to give me a thumbs up, a hell yeah, a whatever, if you think the switch is a good idea. Something I can share with the higher-ups. 

The Colonial Cup- or Fall Cup- is really the nicer Cup. Generally less sketchy weather, good crowd- extra things to do (shops, dog races, donkey cart rides) and I feel comfortable bringing the kids EVEN WHILE mommy is cocktailing…. well, before I employed with The Cup I guess. ;) 

The prices are cheaper, the atmosphere is more laid back. I’m hoping that the change of date, and the targeting of our college audience will be a positive thing. Afterall, there’s never a reason NOT to tailgate- and it’s an away game this year BEFORE you interject with that!