Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tickets go on sale in 3 weeks so we had our first crunchtime staff meeting today! Colonial ‘Fall’ Cup is SOOOOOO going to rock this year. With the Lexus tent and snack wackies for the Elite! ;) The FREE McDonalds Playplace Infield Activities including: a HUGE mural to color on, donkey cart rides, and possibly a carousal- not to mention JRT races for the moms and dads and tots in the Infield!!!! ANNNND the FIRST ANNUAL FALL CUP COLLEGE PARK, with cheaper prices, more room, and a band- TEN TOES UP for a preview- provided by us!!!!

I mean, can you even think of a single complaint? It’s going to rock. The weather is always fab, the clothes are always hot, and the party always continues!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's a whole new era....

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Tickets going on sale mid-August! It'll be so much easier and stress-free due to the new ticketing system- same as the one you probably buy concert tickets with!

College Park is going to R.O.C.K. this Fall with Ten Toes Up playing centerstage!

Check them out on

They recently played The Venue and Jammin' in July in Camden- and they tore it down!!!!!