Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dressed to Impress

It has to be said. I'm the thinnest I've been in a long time.. and I'm hoping to be "thinner" still at the Cup- so I'm not DREADING the dress try-on'capade as I usually am. Though a deeper tan would help assist- and maybe hair that didn't immediately look like straw in dressing room light- but for once I won't look semi-pregnant.... I don't think. I mean, I KNOW I won't be semi-pregnant, but will I look it?........ Well, now I'm just nervous again.

The only dress fit for the Cup is a Lilly. Don't ask me why, but if you're Southern, and I am- Lilly is the end-all answer to the "Who are you wearing?" come Cup-time. The patterns are beautiful, the fabric is not so super thin it's going to shrink or tear, or just crapout on you after 2 wears- it's quality. But it's not so thick that you're wearing essentially a cardboard box all day long. It's worth the spending. I don't know that I dare post the dressing room runway show I had the other day in assorted Lilly designs. But I will post a few samples from their website.... I can say with *been there, done that* certainty, the seer-sucker *ruffle at the top* job-ie did wonders for my *lack o' bust* and was just so cute. So "Cup!"

I like a pattern though- so the salsa, the ham delight, the drink, the dip- the WHATEVER I inevitably drop on myself, doesn't show up so bad. HOWEVER, on the the other hand, a solid dress allows more room to do a funky shoe if you will..... the quandary. Lovell Shift in Lilly's Pink Tiger Lilly
Betsey Dress Bonanza in Lemon Sorbet Lilly in the Leaves
Betsey Dress in True Navy

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rain Rain Come Today Stay Away Another Day

Go ahead rain! Bring it! Rain Rain Rain! Pour it on in inches and inches!

Just don't rain at the Cup!

I've jokingly said I've made a deal with the devil that it won't be cold and wet this year, and joking aside, I truly believe it will be fantastic. It's never horrid 2 years in a row! Anyway, I'm working this year and by-god I'm not a cold/wet fan in any circumstances. I don't snow ski for this very reason. I don't even "I'll stay at the lodge"- it... I just don't go period. I'm more of a blue water, white sand, cold drink kindof' girl- HENCE the need for perfect 80+ weather.

I like it hot. I don't think I've ever been *too hot* (temperature-wise ). I like the sun beating down on my newly bought sundress that I WILL WEAR (yes I'm one of THOSE girls). I would wear that new dress if it SNOWED! Half the fun of Cup is the pre-Cup shopping!!!!!

So rain rain rain away this month- because come March- it better d@mn well be warm!! And fabulous! Everyone start your *sun* dances! Because it's going to shine! Shine! Shine!!!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hat Fan

So I've always been a fan of the hat. I don't know that I look all that good in a hat. But I certainly give it a go. And the bigger, the better the hat at a horse race. I mean you want things ORBITING around that thing- like hot guys, free drinks, whatever.

I especially like this one....

"As Good As It Gets"

Good name too- synonymous with my life right now- but I digress. Isn't it too cute? Not trying too hard, but still super cute. I can picture anything with it- though perhaps not heavily patterned. Big round glasses and call me Jackie-O!

This one I found is adorable too....

"Arizona Sunset"

Of course I worship the name, being an Arizona native and all- but what a VIBRANT blue! Almost makes you wish you could wear black the Cup- and you can, I have, but maybe rock a deep purple or grey. I see a wrap dress... that would be hot too.

Both hats, and more, can be found at:

which is just the cutest store- and the name makes me feel good about myself! hahaha

Pneumonic Devices

So it's not as warm today, but last week felt like Spring. The daffodils began blooming, the dust was shaken off of tank tops and t-shirts, and the lawn mowers came out. It's a marvelous thing how smells can trigger memories.

I think of the Cup naturally.

I think about the early morning chill on my sundress skirted legs, I think about the sound of ice in a cooler being carried to the back of a truck. I think about the inevitable ringing of my phone with the "WHERE ARE YOU!!!!" or the "WE'RE ON THE WAY!!!!" I think about ham delights being eaten in the long line waiting to park . The music blaring from everyone's ride, the impatient look on the policeman's face waving waving waving us through.

The "THAT GIRL'S GOT MY DRESS ON!" The photo op's. The first trip to the bathroom. The getting a program simply to find everyone's spots. The wind that always whips up when we're putting our 10X10 (0nly!!!!) tent up. The tablecloths and centerpieces that are sure to be ruined and/or left behind- but they look oh so nice in the morning!

The new friends. The old. The bugle blare. The jumbo-tron.... my how far we've come. Everyone's family, everyone's friendly. You can just walk down a row and get handed a cold drink and invited for BBQ at every 3 spot just about.

I think about the hope for a tan, and the raccoon-eyed sunburn instead.

The ageless, timeless fun that we'll have. I think about all that.

And I wait.

For March 28th, 2009;

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Hottest Little Wallet in Town!!!!!!

Presenting Race-C™ Wear!!!!!! Ditch the pocketbooks, the bags, the crap! It's a garter, it's a wallet, by-god, it's a CONVERSATION PIECE! hahahahaha

The Race-C™ Wear Wallet is the perfect size to hold your ID, your CC's, your cash, any small, packaged item.... hmmmmmm..... 

It's cute. It's pink and green for heaven's sakes! Need I say more (the exact colors of my MOH dress I'm wearing April- perhaps the PERFECT accessory for that event as well!)

And they are super cheap! $10- good heaven's I lose more ON THE WAY TO THE CUP! 

Check them out!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cup Prep

So I've been tanning once a week so as not to have to deal with the RUSH of tanners pre-Cup or procrastinate and get that awesome BURNED look- red over white is just so not cute! Today I get my hair *did.* I'm even thinking a full bang- I have an elephant forehead I swear, but I digress. Much like your wedding- you need to start prepping for the Cup about 6 weeks prior.

A week before I'll do my facial and hair again. The day before you need to get that pedi- since you'll be rocking the strappy sandals no doubt---- (though I'm sure I'll be far too busy at work for the pedi- unless I do a lunch deal.....)

If your man is like mine- he'll wait until Friday night to suddenly decide he HAS to have a new Cup outfit and since he's a 34X36- there's ZERO pants to be found in his quite common size. So I start looking/shopping for his outfit now.... though I hold out buying hoping he'll do the honors! hahaha

As for my outfit- I'm online *faux* shopping everyday. I hate to order and not try on- as my BFF (girl) Bob will tell you- ordering, trying on, sending back, ordering, trying on, sending back gets costly and frantic. But the best clothes and the best value are arguably online. If you buy a dress in a store within a 60miles radius of Camden, you can bet in the sea of 60,000 there is another like yours. Fine, except it's certain she'll be parked in the space next to your- it's Murphy's Law.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Shoes shopping or Bust!

The American Original Southshore Strappy Laced Wedge

The Bahama 2-Eye

American Original Shorehaven in Red (Other colors available)

Striper Slip On

All available on

Just love them!!!!

The shoes take it.....

Now I'm a warm-blooded Southern woman- and I love me some shoes! hahahaha There's always quite the shoe quandry surrounding the Cup (both Carolina and Colonial- more on that later)....

Naturally a stiletto is the best way to go as far as looks go. A thong is the best way to go as far as being practical goes- it's dusty, your feet get dirty...

(Let me digress here and say why doesn't some foot-fetish possessed person drive around washing feet at the Cup???? I would pay to have it done- the 'later' in the day it is, the more I'm likely to pay if you get my drift!)

Annnnywayyyyyy- thongs are nice for the walking, the standing, etc etc etc---- but it's no heel.

So what to do?

I present to you- the most sought-after WEDGE this season- the Castle Hill!!!!
Go to to see this and other awesome styles!

Southern Priorities

So we just got a call from a Marine- love those anyway- have you ever MET a Mariane that WASN'T hot???? But I digress- he just called to get a space at the Carolina Cup! Not so odd right? Wants to have a good time with some fellow-Hottie McHotters in the Corp----- well, HE'S CALLING FROM IRAQ! I mean I.R.A.Q.!!!!!!

Talk about your Southern priorities! He's coming home by the first of the month- and what does he want to do? Come to the Carolina First Carolina Cup! It's truly a testament to our race, our town, and the good time we all have at the Cup Races!!!!

I just thought that was really cool.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So let's get down to business..... FASHION!

As with our other sites, the Carolina Cup, is featuring a new bit entitled 'Cupperwear.' Just something fun to get ourselves excited about Cup- and to get ourselves into shopping mode!

I'll be doing the same thing here- a few of my suggestions on what's hot, and what I think will ROCK the Cup this year. I hope you not only look at my picks, but visit the various websites- as there's always more to chose from- and much like the red carpet- you don't want 5 girls to wear the same dress within a 20 space perimeter!

I hope you enjoy!

52 days and counting

Well , it's 52 days until race day- THE- race day! Carolina Cup 2009! March 28th! It IS the event of the season- my friends and I (but more on me later) often referred to the Cup as *our prom.* We wait all year, we shop for the perfect dress, send invites (yes, printed, real invites), arrange the perfect tailgate party, the perfect table set-up, the perfect music.... and it's usually the perfect day.

So what IS the Carolina Cup?

The Carolina Cup is a Steeplechase Race (horses people) in Camden, SC held every Spring. Think big hats, fresh tans, gorgeous dresses, and an excuse to pretend you're more pretentious than you are hahahahaha It began in 1930- and since has become one of the largest outdoor events in the South. It draws over 65,000 racefans today. (You want to TALK about a social oppurtunity?!?!) For years the joke has been that you got to the race "and never see a horse," but that too is changing as more and more people are realizing there is an actual horserace going on and it's really cool to watch! :)

So what's REALLY the deal?

The real reason to come to Cup? See your friends. Look fabulous. Meet someone new. Show off for someone old. For the pictures. For the memories. For the food and drink. For the oppurtunity to experience something new- and then come back every year! It really is amazing. It's unlike any other social affair- I promise that you'll be bring up "what happened at Cup" all year long!

I can't wait. It's something I look foward to every year- even if I'm *on the clock*