Thursday, October 1, 2009

51 workable days until Fall Cup

Seems a lot to do, a lot of spaces to fill, tickets to sell, stuff to give-away, fashion to find, and tailgating to organize. And that's just me haha. Fall Cup is by far my favorite race. The Spring brings the crowd, but the "on the fence" weather, the hassle, the drama, and usually- a missed ride home.

Fall Cup is so relaxed, it's beautiful out, it's laid back, there's music, friends, shops, stuff to watch. It's like a perfect little utopia where an 85 yr. old, a Sorority chick, and a preschooler can all have a great day at the same event! It's like a comet- rare. haha And it's coming. In 51 days. So get ready, get ordered, and get here!