Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's hitting the fan....

So we have a new ticketing system, we have invites to go out BY FRIDAY, we haven't printed envelopes, I'm trying to get phone orders, but as of yet have had none, and we are FREAKING OUT! hahaha Oh, it's Cup season, at least for us. The race is on Saturday, November 21 this year, we're adding College Park, we're doing bigger and better family activities in the infield, and most importantly- what in the world will I wear?????

I do hope that our numbers increase, the weather is nice (it always is for the little known Fall Cup), and that all the who's who-izes are happy. We're all working so super hard for this thing to just be awesome- as awesome as the Spring. If not more- it's my favorite Cup afterall. I just dig cool sunny days rather than rainy summer ones if I'm going to be outside all day! ;)

So pass the word, pass the platter, get your tweed out, and come on down!!!!!


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